Ultimate Spool Manager v1.1
Ultimate Spool Manager v1.1

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The Ultimate Spool Manager (USM) provides powerful and fast manipulation of email messages as they pass through the spool of a mail server.

Using an unlimited combination of customizable Rules and Actions the System Administrator finally has the ability to filter messages in a way that has never been possible before.

Not only is the Ultimate Spool Manager fast and powerful, it is also extremely stable. Great effort and testing has gone into guaranteeing that, if an error may occur, the message will still be passed to the mail server.

Since first developed over a year ago, the USM service has been continuously running on production mail servers to prove reliability. We are running it now on our production server!

Designed for :
- SmarterMail Mail Server.
     Support for Exchange (and many other server software) coming soon.
- Windows: Server 2012, Server 2008, Server 2003.
     (will run on desktop Windows 7 and 8)
- Requires .Net Framework 3.5+ (our installer will help you upgrade)

Trigger Rules based on any of the following Rule Types:
All Mail, Incoming, Outgoing, Search Attachments, Search Bcc, Search From, Search MessageID, Search RawBody, Search RawHeader, Search Received Headers, Search ReplyTo, Search ReturnPath, Search Subject, Search To, Has Attachments, If Two Headers Contain String, If Two Headers Not Contain Same Email Address, Is Encrypted, Is Signed, Message Size, Priority

Perform all of the following Actions once the Rule triggers:
Add Bcc, Add Custom Header, Add To, Add Spam Weight, Add Spam Weight From Header, Append Before Body, Append After Body, Append Before Subject, Append After Subject, Bcc to Local Address, Declude: Set Spam Weight, Delete Email, Execute Command Line Program, Find and Replace Header String, Find and Replace Body String, Notify Custom Address, Notify Sender, Remove Attachments, Remove Header, Remove Received Header

Additional Features:
- Everything is logged.
- Email notification if the USM Service is ever Shutdown or Restarted.
- Daily Log Notifications.
- Real-time monitoring.
- Much more...

- Trial Mode (full featured) lasts 30 Days.
- Free Mode (un-licensed) allows 1 Rule to be enabled with unlimited Actions.
- Purchased licenses provide full functionality and support. Upgrades within the minor version are free. Major version upgrades are at a 50% discount.

Create complicated sequences of custom rules and actions as needed!

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