SmarterMail Advanced Module for Helm 3
SmarterMail Advanced Module for Helm 3

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This module for Helm 3 adds all of the functionality and features of SmarterMail to the Helm 3 Control Panel. This is the way SmarterMail was meant to be run from a Control Panel!

Features Include:
* Enhanced email account creation. Additional fields such as Display Name, Reply To Address, Plus Addressing, ActiveSync control etc..
* ActiveSync Control with limits through all Admin, Reseller and User Plans and Packages. - You can easily resell ActiveSync accounts through Helm 3
* Mailing Lists - Complete Control over mailing lists
* Set Domain Administrators (and still limit user creation)
* Set Max Limits (Domain Space, Mailbox Size, Recipient Size etc...)
* Set Collaboration features (Calendars, Contacts, Folders, Notes & Tasks)
* Set All Domain Default Settings in Helm (Alt SMTP Port, POP & IMAP Retrieval Control, Feature Displays, and much more...)
* Control Throttling (Outgoing Messages and Bandwidth)
* Control GreyListing

...And much more. Literally all of the important features controllable in the SmarterMail interface can now be controlled through Helm!

Download the software (includes a 30 day fully functional trial)

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Billing Cycle $75.00 USD (per computer license)