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Download RBLScan (includes 30 day fully functioning trial)
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Ultimate Spool Manager - Documentation
This is the Windows Help file that is installed with Ultimate Spool Manager. Provided here for users to view the documentation before installation.
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Ultimate Spool Manager v1.0
The Ultimate Spool Manager provides powerful manipulation of email messages as they pass through the spool of a mail server. Using an unlimited combination of customizable Rule/Triggers and Actions the System Administrator finally has the ability to filter messages in a way that has never been possible before. Currently designed for SmarterMail. Exchange and other Mail Server support coming soon! The Ultimate Spool Manager is fast and powerful. It is also extremely stable. Great effort and testing has gone into guaranteeing that, if an error may occur, the message will still be passed to the mail server. Since first developed over a year ago, the USM service has been continuously running on production mail servers to prove reliability.
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USM v1 Release Notes
Release notes for each version.
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SmarterMail Advanced Module for Helm 3
Version 1.3.3 - You will need to purchase a License, otherwise this module will provide only the same features as the original SmarterMail Module. Full documentation, with installation instructions, are included in the zip file.
Filesize: 228 kB