Ultimate Spool Manager v1.1 -

The Ultimate Spool Manager (USM) provides powerful and fast manipulation of email messages as they pass through the spool of a mail server.

Using an unlimited combination of customizable Rules and Actions the System Administrator finally has the ability to filter messages in a way that has never been possible before.

Not only is the Ultimate Spool Manager fast and powerful, it is also extremely stable. Great effort and testing has gone into guaranteeing that, if an error may occur, the message will still be passed to the mail server.

Since first developed over a year ago, the USM service has been continuously running on production mail servers to prove reliability. We are running it now on our production server!

Designed for :

- SmarterMail Mail Server.

     Support for Exchange (and many other server software) coming soon.

- Windows: Server 2012, Server 2008, Server 2003.

     (will run on desktop Windows 7 and 8)

- Requires .Net Framework 3.5+ (our installer will help you upgrade)

Trigger Rules based on any of the following Rule Types:

All Mail, Incoming, Outgoing, Search Attachments, Search Bcc, Search From, Search MessageID, Search RawBody, Search RawHeader, Search Received Headers, Search ReplyTo, Search ReturnPath, Search Subject, Search To, Has Attachments, If Two Headers Contain String, If Two Headers Not Contain Same Email Address, Is Encrypted, Is Signed, Message Size, Priority

Perform all of the following Actions once the Rule triggers:

Add Bcc, Add Custom Header, Add To, Add Spam Weight, Add Spam Weight From Header, Append Before Body, Append After Body, Append Before Subject, Append After Subject, Bcc to Local Address, Declude: Set Spam Weight, Delete Email, Execute Command Line Program, Find and Replace Header String, Find and Replace Body String, Notify Custom Address, Notify Sender, Remove Attachments, Remove Header, Remove Received Header

Additional Features:

- Everything is logged.

- Email notification if the USM Service is ever Shutdown or Restarted.

- Daily Log Notifications.

- Real-time monitoring.

- Much more...


- Trial Mode (full featured) lasts 30 Days.

- Free Mode (un-licensed) allows 1 Rule to be enabled with unlimited Actions.

- Purchased licenses provide full functionality and support. Upgrades within the minor version are free. Major version upgrades are at a 50% discount.

Create complicated sequences of custom rules and actions as needed!

Click here to download the Documentation separately.

Click here for the Version History & Release Notes.

RBLScan - Automatic Blacklist Check Software for Mail Server - Designed to run as a Scheduled Task and then email you a report.

If you run a mail server you know that keeping your outgoing IP(s) off the blacklists can be a lot of work, the first step of which is to monitor the black lists on a regular basis....enter RBLScan. Developed by a mail hosting company, RBLScan was designed to be fully automated, check multiple IPs and email a full report when done.

There are many online services that provide RBL checks, but they come with a subscription fee and can get pretty expensive for mutiple IPs.

With RBLScan you can check virtually unlimited IPs, whenever you want, for one low price....and you can run it from any internet connected Windows PC or Server.

Features Include:

30 Day Fully Functional Trial.

Ability to Add and Remove unlimited IPs.

* Ability to Add and Remove unlimited RBLs.

* Email Reports.

* Daily Logs.

* Can be Automated using Windows Scheduled Tasks.

* Can run on any Windows Machine running .Net Framework 3.5 or higher

   (yes... servers and personal PCs!).

* Lifetime license...all future updates are free.

...If you run a mail server you need RBLScan.

Download the software (includes a 30 day fully functional trial)

SmarterMail Advanced Module for Helm 3 -

This module for Helm 3 adds all of the functionality and features of SmarterMail to the Helm 3 Control Panel.
This is the way SmarterMail was meant to be run from a Control Panel!

Features Include:

* Enhanced email account creation. Additional fields such as Display Name, Reply To Address, Plus Addressing, ActiveSync control etc..

* ActiveSync Control with limits through all Admin, Reseller and User Plans and Packages. - You can easily resell ActiveSync accounts through Helm 3

* Mailing Lists - Complete Control over mailing lists

* Set Domain Administrators (and still limit user creation)

* Set Max Limits (Domain Space, Mailbox Size, Recipient Size etc...)

* Set Collaboration features (Calendars, Contacts, Folders, Notes & Tasks)

* Set All Domain Default Settings in Helm (Alt SMTP Port, POP & IMAP Retrieval Control, Feature Displays, and much more...)

* Control Throttling (Outgoing Messages and Bandwidth)

* Control GreyListing

...And much more. Literally all of the important features controllable in the SmarterMail interface can now be controlled through Helm!

Download the software (includes a 30 day fully functional trial)

SmarterMail Whitelist from SPF (free) - We have written a free tool for the community that will whitelist the major providers from being Greylisted, and update SmarterMail.

Download the tool from:


  • This is a an alpha release (and a work in progress). Use at your own risk.

  • You can test this on any computer to see how it works.

When run, the tool will:

  1. - Pull SPF records from as many domains as you like (add them to the settings.ini file).

  2. - Create or modify the SmarterMail ipAccess.xml file by adding the IP ranges to Whitelist for Greylisting.

  3. - Cleanly Restart the SmarterMail Service to apply the changes.

To Install:

  1. 1) Unzip to a folder on the SmarterMail server.

  2. 2) Modify the settings.ini file to your liking (the ini file is documented)

  3. 3) Add a Scheduled Task to run the program as often as you like.


  • You can change the path to the ipAccess.xml to create a new xml file in a separate location for testing. Make sure you turn off the function to restart the SmarterMail service if you do this. (please know that you should not then copy the new ipAccess,xml file to the SmarterMail location or you will overwrite any existing White/Black listings. Instead, you should re-run the program after pointing it to the real ipAccess.xml file.)

  • If you point it to your existing xml file then it will add (merge) those entries into the existing xml (your existing entries will remain). Currently there is no checking for existing duplicate IPs, so delete them first and then let this program keep them up to date.

  • You will notice that it adds a cryptic description to each entry. This is so it knows which entries it is responsible for. If you run the program again (which you can do as often as you like) it will update those IPs if they change. You should not edit the Description of the automatically created items, otherwise you will break that link and get duplicate entries.

  • If, at any point, you add new domains to check (in the ini file) then it will simply add them to the ipAccess.xml. However, if you remove domains from the ini then it will also remove them from your ipAccess.xml file.

  • Currently the tool only supports the SPF _include: (it will recurse through all entries) and ipv4: entries. I will add ipv6, ptr and other such valid SPF entries soon.

Known Issues:

  • One thing I did notice, at least in my SmarterMail... Once the program updates the SmarterMail ipAccess.xml, and automatically restarts SmarterMail, the entries still do not show up in the SmarterMail whitelist until you make any edit to your whitelist, and then they all show up. You can even start to add an entry and then hit cancel and they will all show. This is likely a cache issue of some kind, but I haven't figured out a way around it yet.

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